New Automated Connection Services

Wednesday 16th March, 2022

New Automated Connection Services

ANGLEC's AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) provides increasing benefits since being fully integrated island-wide in 2018. We are entering a new age of ease and reconnection efficiency for customers with remotely automated services. As of 8th March, 2022 connectivity for customers can be easily managed from ANGLEC's main office at no extra charge.

If you've been an ANGLEC customer before AMI was introduced, you're familiar with the manual disconnection and reconnection processes as well as the EC$50.00 fee associated with the process. Since then, AMI has allowed for remote connectivity services to be handled from ANGLEC's offices, but up until recently, the process was still manually done with fluctuation in service execution times.

Now, ANGLEC's systems have the capability to automatically disconnect and subsequently reconnect delinquent customers in mere minutes. The EC$50.00 reconnection fee has also been removed to sustain the fast, fair and efficient services ANGLEC strives to provide customers at all times.

For customers disconnected with unpaid arrears, once a full payment is processed at ANGLEC's Main office, reconnection will take place within a matter of minutes (just seconds in some cases)!

In the near future, these automatic services will also extend to other transaction types. Stay connected with ANGLEC on for more updates and be sure to set up an ANGLEC online or e-account for even more flexibility becoming available through AMI. To sign up today visit (select the 'services' tab then e-accounts).

For more information on disconnections, reconnection or our online account services please call 1(264) 497- 5200 or visit us on