The Anguilla Electricity Company Ltd cares about the environment we live in. We are committed to improving the environmental performance of the Corito Power Station. As evidence of this commitment, several measures have been implemented to reduce negative impacts on the surrounding environment. Particularly, efforts have been made with regard to work associated with the Power Station expansion. These measures form the basis of an Environmental Policy to ensure that environmental performance is addressed and improved on an on-going basis.

It is increasingly important to manage environmental and safety matters in a well structured manner. An Environmental Policy is critical as many environmental accidents originate from poor organisation and not from technical insufficiencies. Anglec's Environmental Management Plan provides an organisational framework for the Corito Power Station.

The general objective of the plan is to eliminate or minimise the station’s impact on resources, the physical environment and natural processes within the environs of Corito. This can be achieved by setting environmental performance targets that are subjected to regular audits and reassessment, resulting in changes to policy and protocols that ensure the objectives are met.

In order to ensure that the objective of minimizing the adverse environmental impacts resulting from the company’s operation is given the attention it deserves, Anglec’s environmental performance is reported as an integral part of the company’s annual report.

Anglec recognizes that new developments are constantly being made in the field of Environmental Control. We are committed to staying on top of technological breakthroughs and developing practical and responsible solutions to our environmental challenges.