The following is designed to assist you with estimating what your electricity bill will be, based on specific indicators. Please note that this is just an estimate as certain indicators may vary from time to time.

Electricity Tariff/Rate as @ August 1st, 2022

Fee Structure  
G.O.A GST 13% (0-130 KWH exemption on domestic accounts only) 13% Tax on Electricity Sales
0-40 Units (Kilowatt Hours) Minimum EC$22.00
41-25,000 Units (Kilowatt Hours) EC$0.63 per k.w.h
25,001 - 100,000 Units (Kilowatt Hours) EC$0.62 per k.w.h
Exceeds 100,000 Units (Kilowatt Hours) Fixed charge of $20,500.00 plus EC$0.43 cents per Unit
Fuel Surcharge (Kilowatt Hour) EC$0.70 per k.w.h
Meter Rental (Fixed Charge) EC$5.00

Prices are subject to change.  A Late Payment Charge of 2% is assessed on all outstanding amounts over 27 days.  Amounts over 30 Days makes your account eligible for disconnection immediately.