At Anglec your children’s safety is of utmost concern to us. The following tips are meant to help you protect your children and ensure their safety.

Outdoor Power Lines

Children should beware of outdoor power lines and assume that all outdoor wiring is dangerous. They should never touch an outdoor wire with any part of their body, or with another object. Teach them not to throw items onto electrical lines or try to retrieve anything from aerial power lines.

Play in Open Areas

Ensure that children fly kites and other airborne toys in open areas (fields, parks, etc.) away from aerial power lines. Should a kite, balloon or other toy get stuck in a power line, they should not attempt to retrieve it.


Children should never attempt to climb trees near power lines, even if the two are not touching. Also, children should never climb a utility pole or play near electrical equipment.

Other Electric Safety Tips

Children should keep all electrical toys at least 10 feet away from pools and wet surfaces, and should never touch these toys while wet or standing in water, as electricity flows quite easily through water.